Corona Borealis

Inspired by a ancient love story, for Zeus’s granddaughter Princess Ariadne, and her Constellation – Corona Borealis, in 2015 designer Kremena Gineva created an exclusive brand with the same name. She is well known as the chief designer of the family brand – Julia Kontogruni, and now she is try to reach the crown in the sky , representing her new dedicated of the Love designs.

Welcome to the magical realm of Corona Borealis – an ambient so exquisite, that the eye is not enough, to perceive. You need ingenuity, you need passion.

Corona Borealis is a luxury brand which aims to achieve higher horizons. Attention to details, excellent craftsmanship, use of luxurious fabrics and most importantly, the forward-looking perception of bridal couture are the visions of the label and they are strictly kept. The line is a representation of the bridal evolution, where a gown becomes a true jewel – opulent, exclusive and one of a kind.

The focal point of the brand’s wedding creations is the attention to details, where each ornament is precisely developed and hand-beaded, as well as the combination of different luxurious fabrics. The line relies on light weighted cuts, delivering to the client more comfort and freedom for movement. Each gown can stand for itself with class, passion, design and artistry.